Welcome Jemima – SYT’s New Graduate Intern: SYT iMPACT Project

We are super excited to welcome Jemima to the team as Graduate Intern on SYT’s iMPACT project. We met some fab graduates and were so impressed with the talent, passion and care about making change for young people through Theatre & the Arts. Somerset really is an exciting place to be and we wish we had the means to support them all! It’s defo got us thinking about how we can offer more roles like this in the future, to look at the gaps and how we can work together to offer opportunity in the Shire!
We can’t wait to work with Jemima in reaching more young people through SYT’s iMPACT project. First stop – Highbridge and Burnham. Watch this space for opportunities for freelance Artists/ creatives and workshops for young people through SYT’s LX:2 project. We are just a tad bit excited about it all!

If you are an Artist or young person, or part of the Highbridge and Burnham community and you’d like to know more about the LX:2 workshops, please do drop Jemima an email at jemima@somersetyt.com. Or call us on 07918 425923