We do this because young people’s voices matter.

Do you love Acting, Drama, Games and all things Theatre? Would you like to make your very own plays alongside the professionals? Then come join us at Somerset Youth Theatre: Highbridge!

We are a youth theatre community in Highbridge that meet every week on a Thursdays, during term time at the Highbridge Youth Theatre, Morland Community Hub, Pearce Drive, Highbridge, TA9 6FU. When signing up, we ask that our members commit to attend every Thursday throughout the term.

Somerset Youth Theatre:
Highbridge (6-11 year olds) meet Thursdays 4.00-5.00pm
Highbridge (11-18 year olds) meet Thursdays 5.00-6.00pm

We provide safer spaces for young people to create, explore and find their voice through Theatre and the Arts. Our sessions are delivered by professional Artists and experienced facilitators with Enhanced DBS.

Sessions are offered using a ‘Pay What You Choose’ payment system. Places are fully funded for those in receipt of FSM/PP. We understand that not everyone is in the same financial position, so please pay what you feel you can. We would never turn any young person away due to cost or access. We believe in Arts for ALL young people. We are incredibly grateful to our funders and partners who support us to make this happen.

Highbridge Facilitator

Selina Keedwell SYT

Selina Keedwell

I run Somerset Youth Theatre Groups and Companies at Highbridge (my hometown).

I absolutely LOVE working with young people through the Arts and seeing their confidence grow and friendships build. I never felt I was good enough at most thingsgrowing up, and Drama, Theatre and Dance gave me a place to be myself and not worry what other people thought.

When I was growing up in Highbridge I really wanted to be an actress and work inTheatre. I thought you had to go to London to do that, and be really good and rich, and wait for that ‘big break’! I mean, that’s one way of doing it, but there are LOADS of other ways to work in the Arts, and perform, or be behind the scenes. I work as a performer and make Theatre, after lots of training and hard work and letting go of that little voice of self-doubt.

It’s taken me a long time to have the confidence to believe in myself enough to say I am an Actor/Artist/Theatre maker and to understand that we are all ‘good enough’.

My job is to help young people get there quicker and see the opportunities andexperiences that are out there, and on the Somerset doorstep! I love working with Somerset Youth Theatre and the brilliant people that are part of that, young and old. We spend a lot of time laughing & figuring out difficult stuff together-it’s a place where you can be yourself, and that can only be a good thing.

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Highbridge Youth Theatre, Morland Community Hub, Pearce Drive, Highbridge, TA9 6FU