Hi everybody,

Apologies for the silence from SYT, but we have been super busy with lots of brilliant activity and new opportunities running. There’s lots coming up as we move into SYT Theatre festival month in June, coming to a community space near you! Rehearsals are well under way and we are bursting at the seams with pride at what you are all creating and exploring 🙂

April was a special month as 6 of our Youth Theatre’s took part in SYT’s very first Movie premiere week. Dashing around the county with a red carpet, big screen, popcorn and cocktail umbrellas was amazing fun! We loved seeing the audiences faces as they watched the wonderful work made by young people of SYT’s in Shepton Mallet, Minehead, Taunton, Langport, Yeovil and Highbridge. There were some real LOL’s at the seagulls antics and it was proper lush to get together in village halls, Theatres and community spaces around super Somerset! Here are some pics, and a bit about the project…

In the Spring of 2022, SYT cic came together to create our very first virtual festival. Working alongside the brilliant Artist leads, with Richard & Abby in Shepton, David, Jemima & Amie in Yeovil, Angela in Langport, Selina & Esme in Taunton and Selina, Fi & Jo in Highbridge the young people faced the challenge and created pieces of Theatre, no longer than 4mins 59 seconds. The films took place at their local Bus Stop. Oh, all included the seagull! Bonus points! We had so much fun learning skills in Acting for camera, stage combat, scripting and storyboarding – not to mention the costumes.